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Horse Betting

General :

ALL RACES ARE GRADED as soon as the results become official. The Daily Racing Form is our official results provider.

In case of a discrepancy, the HORSE NUMBER, NOT NAME will be considered official. We only take wagers on thoroughbreds online but do take wagers on selected harness tracks via the call center.

ALL HORSE WAGERS can be made until the horses leave the gate. If for any reason the race does not close due to a technical difficulty and you are able to bet after the horses have left the gate, your bet will be voided and your money returned to your account.

Minimum Horse wager is $1 online and $10 via the call center, however you must wager at least $20 on the call).

Fixed Odds Wagering

Wagering on Future Events ie. Breeders Cup, Kentucky Derby, Preakness, etc. If horse that is wagered upon does not qualify to enter the race, the wager is a loss.


When wagering over the Internet you have no action unless you receive a confirmation number.

Once wagers are confirmed we cannot change or void a confirmed wager.

We cannot be held responsible for any wagers that do not get in for any reason.

Wagers are accepted by saddlecloth number.

When you wager on a horse that is coupled you receive all horses running under said number.

When wagering on a horse that is part of a field you receive all horses in said field.

Attempted pool manipulation will be cause for your account to be closed and your outstanding balance to be immediately returned.

bxbets.com Racebook will not honor any wager that was placed after the official time of the start of said race.

All disputes to be settled by bxbets.com Racebook using industry standards as guidelines.

All phone calls will be recorded and used to settle any disputes. The teller read back is the customer's wager confirmation. It is the customer's responsibility to listen to the read back and correct any errors.

You must be 18 years or older to setup an bxbets.com Racebook wagering account.

Customers attempting to wager more than the stated limit through multiple wagers or multiple accounts are subject to review and possible account termination.

Any wagers accepted on a non-existent or unavailable pool, would constitute a refund of the wager.